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I created the concept for TV show Exile Avenue after being inspired by films depicting the mundane lives of suburban families in America and other western countries and the teenage rebellious response. I wanted Exile Avenue to push the rebellious response as far as it could, creating a devious tv show, whilst keeping the juvenile aspects of teenagers. The overall tone of the opening title sequence I created was dark but the characters aren’t acting out of pure malice but of boredom, so I wanted to balance the dark monotoned footage with vibrant hand drawn doodles.

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 6.35.54 PM.png

I also created a launch campaign for the show, which involved creating social media accounts for the four main characters. Animated and static character posters would show the social media handle of the character, the viewer could then follow the characters on all major social medias and view exclusive content before the premiere and between seasons. I also culminated all the social media activity of the characters on the shows website to allow viewers to view all the content in a hub.