002. My Freelance Lifestyle Overhaul: In a State of Panic


Once I started the rebrand and redesign process I had to reevaluate where I currently was and where I wanted to be.

In terms of business, personally and my overall lifestyle. Through this I found out why I hadn’t been progressing the way I would’ve liked and why I was ultimately unhappy with my newfound freedom. The whole redesign really extended into a lifestyle overhaul as well.



Before the rebrand I was in a state of panic, constantly searching for clients, then finding ones that didn’t align with my values but accepting the work anyway. I thought that once I went full time freelance all these amazing clients were going to come out of the woodworks with amazing projects I was passionate about, that obviously wasn’t the case. So through this process I wanted to learn a few things:

1. How to gain some of these dream clients

2. How to deal with work that I’m less passionate about

3. Learn when to say no to a project



And I did learn these, through strategy and research I discovered methods and plans to execute these points to fit into my lifestyle. But I have to adjust my lifestyle and outlook on work first. I’m currently in the middle of this overhaul, and I’m continuing to learn and adapt the create a better workflow in my life. So I wanted to share with you some changes I have already made and others that I’m still trying to implement effectively.  

I have always known that my daily workflow isn’t efficient, and it still needs a lot of work, but one thing that has helped me take the first step is quality over quantity. To me a work day is successful if I’ve made one thing that is quality and I’m proud of it. Unfortunately this isn’t everyday. But after I’ve completed all my admin work and client needs for the day I really do try to polish something I’ve already started or create something from scratch that I’m truly proud of. This isn’t just so I can post it on some social media (although sometimes that is what is going through my head), it’s also to remind me why I love this work, what I really am capable of and how much I can still learn.

I started this whole project with strategy, research into other creatives, their workflow and values. It really helped me in terms of intention. Why do I have social media? Why do I have a website? Why do I structure the days I do? I don’t always have all the answers but diving deep into these questions surrounding my work life has allowed me to understand myself and my brand more. It has also made it easier to move forward with changes in my life because I know what it will bring with it and the intention behind it.



But these are all really just mental changes, they have changed the way I approach work but not actually the way I do work. That’s the next step, read onto the next part in this series to find out what physical changes I have been trying to make to my lifestyle. Some of them are simple and small but others will definitely take time to fully implement.

Part two: How to restart ->


- Maisie MacDonald, Creative Director, Maisie Heather Studio