003. My Freelance Lifestyle Overhaul: How to Restart


I think the key to all my lifestyle changes is my terrible morning routine (which then rolls into a terrible daily routine).

I wake up too late (I’m honestly even embarrassed to even share what time I wake up), but then I get straight to work. I don’t prepare for my day, mentally or physically. I work pretty hard for a few hours in the morning, no breaks, all just fuelled on coffee. Then in the middle of the day I’ll finally make my bed and have a shower? But by the time I have actually gotten ready for the day I’m almost burnt out from the crazy coffee fuelled madness in the morning so I take a 3-4 hour long break. Then ending the day after a few more hours of work. It’s a really strange routine that I’ve fallen into and I despise it so here’s how I want it to go and hopefully how I’ll make it happen.



What I need to do

Wake up at a reasonable time, by this I mean between 6 and 7. Then use the next hour to get ready, morning pages, yoga, make bed, have shower, eat breakfast. I want to steer clear of my computer for this hour, no emails, no social media. So when I’m ready to work I’m committed and focussed.

Next it’s work time. This is when I’m allowed a coffee, I want to stop waking up for the sole purpose of coffee. During my first coffee I will be checking on my emails, then splitting my day in two. The first half is client work and the second is a mix of admin, passion projects and maintaining MHS. These halves are separated by snacks! This will allow me to dedicate time (specifically at least 4 hours) to what is needed, not just willy nilly working on things when they come to mind.

Time to wind down. One of the other major things I need to change is time spent in my soft office (my bed). Now I’m never going to completely be free of this but I can only be on my laptop between 7 - 9 at night. And no dinner in bed! So after dinner I can keep working for a few hours in bed before committing to sleep. First by winding down with a nightly skincare routine. Then through reading, no set amount of time but just for as long as my body needs for me to be ready to sleep.

I’ll have a blissful sleep and wake up to do it all again.


How I'm going to do it

But how am I going to achieve this perfect daily routine? I’ll be honest it’s going to be very difficult, I only know this because I’ve already tried to implement it, and it fell apart at the get go. I really just can’t wake up early right now, I used to be very good at this so I know I can do it, it’ll just take a huge overhaul. By this I mean I will not be going to sleep tonight, at all. Then I’ll do my perfect day routine and hopefully go to bed at a decent time. This is going to make for a very unproductive day but hopefully it will be the restart I need.



Don’t worry, that’s not the conclusion to this lifestyle overhaul series. I’ll keep you updated on how this ‘restart’ works out and the regular updates after that also. If you have any questions or suggestions, I would love to mention them in future parts so be sure to share!


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- Maisie MacDonald, Creative Director, Maisie Heather Studio