010. How Branding Helps you Connect with your People


It seems like these days everyone is yelling to get your attention.


Now they’re not actually yelling, it’s almost like whispering. Brands are using stealthy marketing ploys to become part of your everyday life without you realising it.


With so many brands out there, and so many choices, how do you find your people for your own brand?


That’s where branding comes in.


“But it’s just colours and fonts right?”




Branding is bringing this abstract concept that is your brand to life!


Your brand has its own history, it has a personality and a voice. It is as complex as you decide it to be, and branding is creating this complex brand and also bringing it to the forefront of those who care.


But how? How does having a fully formed and complex brand help me find and connect with people?


It’s actually super simple. Let’s talk of it in terms of your friends (although it is a little more complex than that).


You probably have a group of friends right? (let’s hope so). But not all of your friends are the same, because people aren’t the same, duh.


You may have a friend that you like to have a good time with, wether that’s partying or watching movies or theme parks. You have a friend that you like to go for advice, they just give the best advice. You have that friend you love travelling with. And then you might have some best friends that you love partying with and asking for advice, you could even live with them.


But how do you know this? How do you have all these friends that add value to your life in different ways? At some point in time they were all strangers. Through time and communication you built this friendship and understood the value of others.


Well brands are like this.


It takes time and interaction for someone to trust your brand and find how they add value in their life.


If someone can’t connect or relate to your brand, if they can’t see your value then they won’t keep making those interactions.


With branding you can create your brand persona and show your value, your personality to people. You have to show this through visuals, the words you use, what social media you decided to use. Like I said it can be as complex as you like it, I mean Apple didn’t use social media until two years ago!


You show your worth and you personality to the world and then people decide if they want to build a relationship, with depth and value.


If you own a small business or are a part of a brand, I want you to evaluate your biggest asset. How do you give value to your people? But then also how are you showing them that you have this value to give?


I’d love to hear about the ways you decide to express your value as a brand. Please flick me an email if you’d like to discuss or want advice on your brand value, maisieheatherdesign@gmail.com



- Maisie MacDonald, Creative Director, Maisie Heather Studio.