013. Why Consistency is the Key to Small Business Success.


It’s difficult to counteract discouragement. But to succeed as a small business, you must.



When building out an idea or product we can build this fantastical launch in our heads, giddy with the realisation that you can build it and they will come!



When we show the world what we’ve built we think it’s going to be fireworks. Blogs writing about how revolutionary your ideas ares, overwhelmed by how many customers you have, you’ll be an overnight success!



If you have experience launching anything, you know this isn’t what happens. What happens is you get a little boost of positivity, you get a small set of eyes on you for the moment. But then that small light of success starts to fade, slowly (or quickly) it starts to fade. Or at least this happens if you get discouraged.



If you let the lack lustre of your launch get to you then your idea is dead, your momentum is dead.




Think of your brand or business like a snowball down a hill, at first the snowball isn’t even rolling down the hill by itself. There isn’t even a hill to roll it down yet! You’re pushing this snowball as hard as you can, you can take a breather, but then you have to keep it rolling!



There will be a point in time where you can let that snowball go and it will roll by itself. This may mean you can quit your full time job, or hire someone to help you out. And this may happen in the first year, or second, or third, but it will happen!



If you are constantly working for your brand to be better, it will happen!




Do you know why consistency is so important? Because you are building a relationship.



How much do you hate people who are flakey? Consumers hate businesses who are flakey too! They will forget about you if you don’t post regularly or update your website, or if you reply to emails 2 weeks later, or just disappear altogether!



By being inconsistent you are letting this discouragement kill your business. It’s not dead until you give up on it, until you decide that your time is more important elsewhere.



Every day, every week, you have to push through the thoughts that tell you how easy it is to quit. To push through those thoughts you need to keep the momentum, whatever momentum you have. You have to fully commit, and use your past success as this momentum like compound interest. Use the joy and naivety you had before you launched and push through every day.



Almost as if you have already made it, already ‘succeeded’ (whatever that means to you)!



I promise you that if you are still in love with your idea and you keep pursuing it, your success will arrive eventually!



I’d love to hear how you guys have pushed through discouragement in your business, it's always great to hear and share our experience to help others! Flick me an email, maisieheatherdesign@gmail.com



- Maisie MacDonald, Creative Director, Maisie Heather Studio.