015. Expressing Your Meaningful Brand


Everyone has different goals for their brand, there’s no one-size-fits-all of branding. However, there is a few simple things you can do that can help you show how meaningful your brand actually is.




To start you need to truly believe that what your brand is doing has purpose, people will see through your bullshit. If that means restructuring or adding purpose to your brand then go ahead, but you need to believe it yourself or else no one else will.  How do you know if your brand is meaningful? Does it add any value? To your consumers life or others it impacts? If it does, then well done, your brand has meaning!




I suggest once you realise that value that your brand has, write it into your mission statement so you can refer back to it if you are ever in doubt.




Having a meaningful brand and showing people that value is highly important when considering the longevity of a brand. No one likes trash. We may buy things we don’t need in the short run but by the time a spring clean comes around we try and discard everything that doesn’t give our lives any value. We are currently in an age of anti-consumerism, so people are even less likely to invest in a brand that doesn’t give them any value from the get go.




So now that you have discovered the value in your brand and are on-board with your brand purpose, how do you share that? You have to communicate the humanity of your brand to connect.









I will say it time and time again, your brand needs a foundation of consistency. This builds trust and a dependency with potential consumers. It also helps you build a routine. Once you create the routine of one action, then you can add another onto it. A good example would be starting with social media management, then once you have been consistent with that for a few months then you can expand to newsletters and other forms of communication.




Don’t worry if you fall off the wagon for a few days. What we are trying to avoid is going too hard too fast and then being radio silent for weeks because you burned yourself out.




Consistency in a routine isn’t the only thing to consider though. You need to make sure that your brand voice is consistent, don’t make contradictory statements. To help with this keep referring back to your brand mission, or create a communication guideline that addresses how to express your brand value.










There are so many ways your brand can communicate, in fact most decisions you make about your brand is communication something, so what I will tell you about this is make it meaningful. Decide which ways you want to connect with your ‘people’. If Twitter isn’t for you, if you don’t think that makes sense for your brand, then don’t have a Twitter.




You also want to open up a dialogue with others, don’t give one or two word replies, ask questions and dive deep. People want to know that they are talking to real humans and what they’re saying is being heard, so try and avoid stock standard replies. The information you will gain from these interactions is invaluable. Form deep connections and hear what people are saying, react to the feedback to show that you do pay attention.










Be human. Be civil. It’s that simple.




No one wants to interact with a brand that acts like a child or seems unorganised/unsure of their brand. Be prepared for negative feedback, and address it, say your opinion in a way that you would when discussing it with a friend. Remember to respect your consumers.




But this doesn’t mean you need to be a robot, build relationships and build trust with your consumers. Build a personality for your brand, and express that appropriately, whatever that means to your brand. This really means your brand needs to be more human than just a logo.





All of these issues should ideally be discussed in a strategy stage, before your brand is launched. But it’s not too late for you to put any of this info into practice, reevaluate your brand strategy and start implementing this ASAP!

If you need to work through any issues regarding brand purpose don’t be afraid to reach out! My email is maisieheatherdesign@gmail.com or you can go through my contact page if you prefer.





- Maisie MacDonald, Creative Director, Maisie Heather Studio.